Unlinking issues from a call

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There may be occasions when you are unable to close a call down due to an "ISSUE" being associated to it.

Please note Issues are no longer supported, the feature is a legacy one and has not yet been removed from the product.

If you need to view/access/unlink issues please see below:

First you will need to enable the Issues view:

Within the client >> Administration >> Edit current data dictionary >> Global parameters >> Views >> Helpdesk View >> Bottom >> Highlight Issues View

In here double click on the visible >> Edit value from No to Yes >> click Ok.

Now refresh the Data Dictionary (Tools >> Refresh data dictionary)

The issues tab should be visible at the bottom part of the Helpdesk view.

Click on the tab & this should show the list of issues that have been created, the one that is causing the problem should be there, go into the issue (actions on the menu bar) you can remove the calls.

Once the issue has been removed, revert the view in the data dictionary back to No.

This should then allow you to close the call off.

If the above does not resolve the issue, please see below:

You will probably need to modify these directly at the database level. The following SQL statement should disassociate any issues from their parent calls.

  • 1..On the Supportworks server run the Interactive SQL utility (Start - Programs - Core Services - Interactive SQL)
  • 2..From the prompt type in the following:

use swdata; [RETURN]

update swissues set mastercallref =  ; [RETURN]

use sw_systemdb; [RETURN]

update swissues set mastercallref =  ; [RETURN]

Be sure to include the semi colon at the end of each statement. If you are running MS SQL as your primary database, the first update statement would have to be done via MS SQL.

Be sure to backup the databases before carrying out the above