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There are various services that Supportworks loads and runs. Each service is provided as a TCP protocol connection from the Supportworks server on specific ports - which you have to ensure your firewall keeps open. The following table shows the services provided, the name of the module that provides each one, the port that each service is provided on and the versions of Supportworks to which those ports apply:

Service Module Name Port Versions
Supportworks services via binary requests SwServerService 5001 (Default) All
Supportworks SQL server SwSqlServer 5002 (Default) Up to 7.5
KnowledgeBase index server SwIndexServer 5003 (Default) Up to 7.4.1
Supportworks mail services SwMailService 5004 Up to 7.4.1
Supportworks services via text-based requests SwServerService 5005 All
Supportworks Messenger services SwMessengerService 5006 All
Supportworks calendar services SwCalendarService 5008 Up to 7.4.1
Supportworks calendar services over XMLMC SwCalendarService 5013 From 7.4.0
Supportworks mail services over XMLMC SwMailService 5014 From 7.4.0
Supportworks services over XMLMC SwServerService 5015 From 7.4.0
Supportworks FTP services (My Library) SwFileService 21/5021 (Default) Up to 7.4.1
Supportworks HTTP services with HTTP configured SwHttpServer 80 (Default) All
Supportworks HTTP services with HTTPS configured SwHttpServer 443 (Default) All

For firewall configuration purposes, you can ignore any services/ports that do not apply to your particular Supportworks version.

Any port shown above as the default for a given set of Supportworks services is changeable, which means that an alternative port may have been chosen by your organisation if they wanted to use the original for something else. Such a change, however, will have been highly unlikely - except to HTTP port 80, which is commonly used by Web servers in general.

Note that the default port for Supportworks FTP services changed from 21 to 5021 in Version 7.4.0.