Supportworks rejecting logins under named user licences

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Sometimes Supportworks prevents analysts from logging into the client when a Named licence has been applied and no concurrent license exists. This could also occur when the concurrent licences have been used up, thereby leaving only the named users that would have been setup previously.

The error produced is as below:

The maximum number of available connections on this Supportworks server has been reached. Please report this to your system administrator.

In order for an analyst to be able to successfully login, the following needs to be done on the Supportworks server:

  1. Select Start | Programs | Hornbill Core Services | Interactive SQL
  2. Run the below queries:

Use Sw_systemdb;

Select * from swwebusers; (this will show the analysts that are setup as named users, if any)

In order to insert an analyst into this table (after deleting one of the existing entries within the table, if any), run the below query:

Insert into swwebusers (AnalystId,name) values (‘???’,’####’);

Note: ??? is the analyst Id of the analyst that intends to login and #### is the analyst name.

After logging in, the analyst can then add more named users within Administration | Manage Named License Allocations