NextCallRef Issues

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You may find that the Supportworks Server service is unable to start and the following error is displayed in the swserver logs.

[ERROR]:[5972] Invalid callref: an entry in opencall is greater than nextcallref!

The error is apparent in the log file, then you will need to go into your MsSQL database and run the below query on the Supportworks database:

select MAX(callref) from opencall

This will give you a list of the call references in the system, please make a note of the highest call reference number.

Then go onto the Supportworks Server, Start > All Programs > Hornbill Core Services > Interactive SQL and enter the below queries:

use sw_systemdb; [RETURN]

update system_counters set count = #### where name = 'nextcallreference'; [RETURN]

Replacing #### with the highest call reference number + 1