Managing Email Settings in Supportworks

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Email settings are managed in the Supportworks Server Configuration tool located on the SW Server. Mailboxes are configured on the System Mailboxes tab. It is always worth exporting the mailbox settings before refreshing a server either from backup, or refreshing a Staging Server from the Production Server. This data is then stored in a system database on the server, which can be accessed via Interactive SQL. • Launch Interactive SQL • Use sw_messagestore; • Select * from sw_connectors; The table (sw_connectors) has 4 fields • Id • Mailbox • Flags • Connect This table can be exported into a .sql file without bringing down the services or interrupting use of SW by running the following script in a batch file. d: cd\Hornbill\Core Services\SwSqlServer\bin

swsqldump -u root --quick --add-drop-table --extended-insert -B sw_messagestore --tables system_connectors > D:\db_export\sw_messagestore_connectors.sql


  • note 1: Edit the Drive and Path values accordingly
  • note 2: The ‘swsqldump’ command is all on one line, is displayed here on 2 lines due to space