Knowledgebase Document Status Meaning

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We have adopted the following statuses to cover the typical life-time of a Knowledgebase Article:

  • Being Composed
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Approved for Publishing
  • Published
  • Retired

Please note that this is SEPARATE from "Visible to public".

Provided the article is visible to the public, customers who have subscribed to the parent catalogue, get a notification on the creation of a new document.

On any change in the document, subscribers (customers/analysts) to the document get a notification. Please note that for a CUSTOMER to see (and subscribe) to a document, the document will have to be PUBLISHED and Visible.

The other statusses are to aid the KB manager(s) so content can be curated more precisely - (i.e. get in a state appropriate to be read by customers).

Customers can subscribe to a document via the WSS.