Importing Call Profiles

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The procedure for importing a set of problem/request profiles or a set of resolution profiles is as follows:

1..With the Data Import Manager running, select the Other Import Tools tab.
2..On this tab, click Profile Codes Importer to display the Profile Code Importer dialogue box.
3..In this dialogue box, click the browse button next to the Import File field and select the Excel file that contains the call profiles to be imported. Click Open.
4..If there is more than one worksheet within the Excel file, select, in the Worksheet field, the one that contains the required call profiles.
5..In the Target field, specify whether the call profiles to be imported are problem/request profiles or resolution profiles.
6..If you want all currently existing call-profile records of the target type deleted from the Supportworks database before importation proceeds, ensure that the Clean Tables option is enabled.
7..Click Import.

The call profiles are imported.