How to enable WebClient logging

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Status: Published
Version: 1.1
Authors: Hornbill Support
Applies to: All Versions of Supportworks

How to enable WebClient logging

The following are instructions on how to enable the logging, file locations and further information:

1..In order to turn on logging for the webclient, the file \Program Files\Hornbill\Supportworks Server\html\webclient\php\_wcconfig.php, will need to be edited.

The follow entries will require the parameter false be set to true:


Once these entries have been changed and the file saved, each time that a session is started via a webclient login, a new log file will be created.

The file will be located at the following path; <dirve:>\Program Files\Hornbill\Supportworks Server\html\webclient\temporaryfiles\<session-id>

The filename called webclient.log; will itself be located in a folder named using the <sessionid>, this will be unique for each weblient session.

The log file is a standard text file formatted using the standard Supportworks logging format, enabling the file to be opened via the Supportworks Log File Veiwer.