How to Delete ITSM v3.6.0 Call Data

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Status: Published
Version: 1.0
Authors: HSML
Applies to: Supportworks ESP ITSM v3.6.0

The following describes how to remove ALL call related data from within Supportworks ESP V7.x ITSM 3.6 application. These steps should not be followed if you are using the ITSMF or other bespoke application. Please note that this will not remove any mail related data.

A backup of the system is advised before following these instructions.

  1. Open the Supportworks Server Configuration console (Start->Programs->Supportworks->Supportworks Server Configuration)
  2. Select the Server Tab and STOP the SwServerService service
  3. Open the Supportworks Interactive SQL tool (Start->Programs->Hornbill CoreServices\ Interactive SQL) (Or If on Third Party Db the Query tool of choice)
  4. Enter the following Statements (Note also that a WHERE clause should be used if you do not wish to DELETE ALL current call data):
    1. USE swdata;
    2. DELETE FROM opencall;
    3. DELETE FROM updatedb;
    4. DELETE FROM calltasks;
    5. DELETE FROM swissues;
    6. DELETE FROM tpperformance;
    7. DELETE FROM onhold_oc_notifiers;
    8. DELETE FROM itsm_opencall_rfc;
    9. DELETE FROM itsm_opencall_problem;
    10. DELETE FROM extoc_cfh;
    11. DELETE FROM cfh_opencalldept;
    12. DELETE FROM cfh_opencallmodality;
    13. DELETE FROM cfh_opencallsites;
    14. DELETE FROM cmn_rel_opencall_aba;
    15. DELETE FROM cmn_rel_opencall_ci;
    16. DELETE FROM cmn_rel_opencall_ila;
    17. DELETE FROM cmn_rel_opencall_kb;
    18. DELETE FROM cmn_rel_opencall_oc;
    19. DELETE FROM cmn_rel_opencall_rakb;
    20. DELETE FROM bpm_oc_auth;
    21. DELETE FROM bpm_oc_hist;
    22. DELETE FROM bpm_oc_stage;
    23. DELETE FROM bpm_oc_task;
    24. DELETE FROM ila_oc_hist;
    25. DELETE FROM itsm_oc_uri;
    26. DELETE FROM itsm_oc_wiz;
    27. USE sw_systemdb;
    28. DELETE FROM opencall_sla_evts;
    29. DELETE FROM opencall_sla;
    30. DELETE FROM system_cfastore;
    31. DELETE FROM opencall_locks;
    32. DELETE FROM opencall_sla_exc;
    33. DELETE FROM watchcalls;
    34. UPDATE system_counters SET count=1 WHERE name='NextCallReference';
  5. Exit the Query tool
  6. Delete all folders contained within the following path:
    <<InstallPath>>\Supportworks Server\data\_cfastore\ (Where <<InstallPath>> is the default installation folder)
  7. From the Supportworks Server Configuration console START the SwServerService service.

Once completed all call data will be removed.