Exporting Call Profiles

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From the main Supportworks client and follow the steps below:

  • 1. Go to "Database Searches"
  • 2. Click on new and for name put in call profile. For the sql query, please put the following:

SELECT code, info as Profile from pcdesc order by info

  • 3. Click on OK
  • 4. Now double click on the where it says Call Profile, and you will see a list under "Search Results". Right click on one of them and you will have a popup box. Select "Export Data | All Rows".
  • 5. You can proceed to export to a csv file.

Please bear in mind, if you have a lot of code profiles, then this will just show you the first 100. To show everything, on the database search, if you scroll down, you have a limit search results to:, you will see it is 100, put in a bigger value there

Also if you wish to export the resolution profiles, on step 2, for the sql query, you just need to put in for that:

SELECT code, info as Profile from rcdesc order by info