Amending Analyst Regional Settings

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You may edit the date time format for a an analyst by following the below steps:

Right click on the analyst > properties > regional settings > local standard and forms > amend the format from there.

You may also chose to amend this for all analysts by going to the server configuration tool > regional settings tab > local standard and formats > custom settings from the drop down > and amend as necessary.

If you would like to provide all analysts to be able to amend their own regional settings the you will need to use security profiles:

Create Security Profiles *

1..Click on Administration > Manage Security Profiles > click Add 
2..Name the profile select either a profile to replicate or blank profile 
3..under application rights tab select data dictionary > customize rights (system privileges tab > desktop workspace rights tree > can manage regional settings ) > click OK > close
3..To assign this security profile you will need to click on Administration > Manage Security Profiles >select profile > assign > select the analysts and click on the arrows. > close 

After you have given them the rights each analyst my amend his own regional setting as they like. Alternatively if you would like all your analysts to have the same Regional setting ( "English(United Kingdom)") then you may amend all the records at once by following the below guide :

1..Log on to the SW server > open Interactive SQL > paste in the below :
2..Update sw_systemdb.swanalysts set country ='2057' ,datetimeformat='dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss' ,dateformat='dd/MM/yyyy' ,timeformat='HH:mm:ss' where analystid not like"sys%";

Please note that this will change all the analysts regional settings.