Call Routing on Logging

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If you would like to hide certain profile codes from analysts then please follow the below guide:

PLEASE NOTE* you can filter the first level profile code, you cannot filter via the 2nd, 3rd, 4th levels, and so on.

In order to filter, please follow the instructions below:

1. You can filter the code via Administration > Edit current data dictionary > Log Call Forms > click on the Call Class in question, e.g. Incident > scroll down to the Profile Code Filter field and you can add the filer in here.

2. You can also filter the resolution profile, via Administration > Edit current data dictionary > Global Parameters > Close call form > ProfileCodeFilter.

The following codes can be used to filter the profiles (these are examples):

code != 'HRDW' AND code != 'HRDW' 
NOTE - where 'HRDW' represents the profile code you want to filter and in this example stands for Hardware. 

Once done, Save and OK, and refresh the data dictionary.