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Status: Published
Version: 1.0
Authors: HTL QA
Applies to: All Supportworks ESP versions

Unable to send emails due to BarelineFeeds message

This FAQ is to be used in connection with the FAQ on how Emails work in Supportworks

If using Office 365 and you get an error message saying:

Office 365 received the message that you specified but couldn't deliver it to the recipient [email protected] due to the following error:

'''Error:''' 550 5.6.11 SMTPSEND.BarelineFeedsAreIllegal; message contains bareline feeds which cannot be sent via DATA and receiving system does not support BDAT.

It means that emails contain bare line feeds, and that because of that, it is not possible to send emails out.

In order to rectify this, you will need two things:

1. A post Import script that says:

UPDATE config_itemi SET expiry_date = NULL WHERE expiry_date = 0;

2. A Value Added Transformation value to process the expiry date. If, for example, the source of the data being imported is an excel sheet in the Import script, locate the Value added transformation on the expiry_date field and add the follwoing javascript to it:

if (typeOf xls.expiry_date == undefined || xls.expiry_date = '' || xls.expiry_date = 0){
} else xls.expiry_date;