Special characters cause SQL insert/update statements to fail in Mariadb

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This workaround utilizes the MariaDb ODBC 2.0 connector and is required when communicating between the Core Services 6.0.x versions of MariaDb and Supportworks 8.2 ESP.

On the Supportworks server install the MariaDb ODBC Connector from the following location:


When asked for installation type select "Complete"

Stop the "Supportworks Server Services"

Open the "ODBC Data Sources (32-bit)" configuration tool, via "Administrative Tools" On the Systems DSN tab, Open the properties of the "Supportworks Data" DSN Change the name of the DSN to Supportworks SQL Apply Changes and Close the dialogue

Add a New DSN by clicking on the Add Button. Select the "MariaDb ODBC 2.0 Driver" Enter the name as "Supportworks Data" Click Next Enter TCP/IP to "<address of the MAriaDb Server>" (usually Enter Port Number as "5002" Enter the user as "root" Enter the password (if set) Test the connection using the Test button Set the database to "swdata" Click Next Accept all the defaults and then Finish

Open the Registry Editor and Add the following settings:

Locate the following key:


Create the following STRING attributes for the ODBC connection added above.

"CHARSET" = "ascii"