How to Repair a Corrupt Index File

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Status: Published
Version: 1.0
Authors: Hornbill Support
Applies to: Supportworks ESP 7.x

How to Repair a Corrupt Index File

This document details how to resolve an issue with a Corrupt Index on a MyISAM file. The error will be reported as follows in the log file

Can't open file: 'TABLENAME.MYD'. (errno: 145)

In order to resolve this please follow the instructions below:

1...Run the SupportWorks Server Configuration Program. (Start-> Programs->SupportWorks->SupportWorks Configuration Program.)
2...On the Server TAB STOP all Services
3...From the MS Windows Control Panel – STOP the the SwSQLServer Service.
4...Make a copy of the Corrupt Database files.
5...Re Start the SwSQLServer
6...Run the Support-Works Interactive SQL Program (Start->Programs->Hornbill Core Services ->Interactive SQL.)
7...Enter the following replacing DATABASE and TABLENAME with the appropriate values. 
Repair Table TABLENAME;

8...Take a copy of the Results Returned. The table should now have been repaired.

9...On the Server TAB start all remaining services.

Once done the Table will be repaired, should you require any further information and/or assistance please feel free to contact Hornbill Support using the webform