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  Release Notification   - Historic Notifications

Core Services v7.0.0, Supportworks ESP v8.2.3 and ITSM Enterprise v4.3.0

I am delighted to announce the General Availability of Core Services v7.0.0, Supportworks ESP v8.2.3 and ITSM Enterprise v4.3.0. In conjunction with new features in ITSM Enterprise, this release provides later versions of the components within Core Services, specifically PHP v7.3 and MariaDB v10.3. These updated components further demonstrate our capability to deliver enhanced levels of security and capabilities within the Supportworks suite. For full details of what is included in these respective releases please refer to their respective release notes on:

Core Services v7.0.0 Release Notes

Supportworks ESP v8.2.3 Release Notes

ITSM Enterprise v4.3.0 Release Notes

If you wish to take advantage of the expanding set of features, please contact your Relationship Manager at [email protected] to request this release.



Where to Start?

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Enterprise Server Platform

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Core Services

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