Increasing the Maximum Size of the Analyst E-Mail Address Field

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Status: Published
Version: 1.0
Authors: Hornbill Support
Applies to: Supportworks ESP

By default, the maximum number of characters you can have in an analyst's e-mail address, as stored in the swanalysts table, is 32. If you attempt to enter more than this in the relevant field of the Analyst Properties form, you will find, on reading back the record, that the address has been truncated.

Is it advisable to have a backup of the Supportworks System Database before making the alterations below.

To extend the maximum size, run the Interactive SQL utility by selecting Start > All Programs > Hornbill Core Services > Interactive SQL and enter the following SQL command:

use sw_systemdb
alter table swanalysts modify contactE varchar (n);

where n is the required maximum number of characters. The upper limit of n is 255.