Functionality Disabled or Limited by a Supportworks Lockdown Licence

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Status: Published
Version: 1.0
Authors: HTL QA
Applies to: Supportworks ESP

Functionality Disabled or Limited by a Supportworks Lockdown Licence

Permanent lockdown licences can be issued to prospects and customers in any situation where they will be accessing a Supportworks system that is not installed at their own premises. In practice, this will include most demos and certain SaaS offerings. Temporary lockdown licences are generally issued to customers on their own systems during User Acceptance Testing if customisation has been carried out by Hornbill.

The purpose of a permanent lockdown licence is to prevent users introducing customisations that may cause the system to fail and hence necessitate more in-depth support. With a temporary lockdown licence, the purpose is to provide assured product stability during the acceptance phase.

The following are the restrictions imposed on all users of a locked-down Supportworks system.

On the Administration menu:

  • Cannot manage call classes (from Supportworks 7.6.0 onwards).
  • Cannot manage VPME processes.
  • Cannot edit data dictionaries.
  • Cannot delete data dictionaries.
  • Cannot save the current data dictionary.
  • Can manage workflow templates, but the lockdown on form configuration (see below) means that the Workflow tab on call forms cannot be enabled (if it is not enabled already by default).
  • Can create new data dictionaries, but only ones based on an existing data dictionary.

Form management:

  • Cannot design a form (as the Form Designer is disabled).
  • Cannot configure a form (as the Form Configuration facility is disabled).
  • Cannot create a new form.
  • Cannot browse the list of existing forms, and therefore cannot rename, delete or copy any of them.