FAQ:Status and CMDB Status not updating through Staging

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Problem: When trying to configure a CI Import you may wish to set the fk_status_level and the CMDB Status fields to specific values. When running the import these values may appear to be going into the cmdb_stage table fine when running the import in the Data Import Manager but once the item is accepted through staging and the CI details opened, the Status and CMDB Status have not been changed.

The reason that CI Status levels currently shouldn't be updated through the CMDB Staging area is that this would completely bypass any application functionality relating to the alteration of this field. Hence altering the status via an import could lead to unexpected data content and potentially the absence of notifications as a minimum.

If required this should be raised as an enhancement for your particular version. We would suggest that the enhancement would be to include functionality in the CMDB Staging area which would allow bulk update of the CI Status for selected CIs. The enhancement would then need to invoke the existing functionality in the application relating to this change in CI Status. This route would also cater for scenarios in which the CI Status is not imported so it should be of benefit to more implementations.