Self-service portal not responding to login/authentication

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Status: Published
Version: 1.0
Authors: Hornbill Support
Applies to: all ITSMs

If you have reports of the Self Service not responding when you enter a username and password, there could be a number of issues. One of the issues is that if you check the swserver log and see error 81

'unable to reach the LDAP server error 81'

The first thing to do is the ping the server to see if it is reachable using the command prompt on the Supportworks server


If there is no response then the LDAP server needs to be checked or if there is an alternative LDAP server you can use, update the password in the customer record. Begin with one password and ask the customer to login using self service, if that works then update the other passwords. If for example the password is OLD SERVER with LDA:... Then the update will look like this:

SET Password = replace(password, 'OLD SERVER with LDA:...','NEW SERVER with LDA:...') 
WHERE keysearch = 'customerID';