FAQ:Running the Client in Debug Mode

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Applicable To:Supportworks ESP 8.x

The client launcher can be launched with no command line parameters, in these circumstances it will connect and download (if required) clients from the last connected server and pass the server details to the Supportworks Client.

The launcher can be executed with a number or command line options, some of which will be passed through to the client. The options can be viewed by entering the following:

SwLauncher.exe -help

In order to switch on client debug logging, go to windows explorer and type


Then when you press enter, it should show you the roaming profile for the PC user. Go to the Hornbill directory and search for swcli8.exe, right click that and send to desktop. Right click the new Swcli icon on the desktop and select properties. Go to Target and right at the end of the path outside the quotation marks, enter -d 1

eg. "..\Users\user\Application Data\Hornbill\Supportworks client 8.2\swcli8.exe" -d 1

Thereafter hide the original Supportworks client icon so that the analyst uses this new icon. It should log any issues in a file called swcli_debug file which will be saved to:

\Users\user\Application Data\Hornbill\Supportworks client 8.2\ 

- note this is different to the client de-bugging setting for Version 7x