ITSM Known Issues with ESP 7.5

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Status: Published
Version: 1.0
Authors: Hornbill Support
Applies to: Supportworks ITSM 3.2.x

ITSM Known Issues with ESP 7.5

The following describes three known issues specific to ITSM installations, with the ESP 7.5 release.

Note: this is an internal document only.

F0095323 - Layout fixes to make forms work with Web Client

There are layout issues with the Web Client, some application areas need to be fixed.

Forms being altered:

  • tfCustomer - expand flg_wssm and move knowledgebase down
  • Incident Details form - re-align customer profile

F0095801 - Links on Supportworks today report incorrect

The number of calls displayed when you double-click on one of the Service Desk Metrics lists (for example, escalated calls) is not the same as the number of records shown in the result page.

Temporary fix

In the file Supportworks Server\html\clisupp\swtoday\itsm\jscript\hslaction.js

Copy the _run_mycallstatus function, deleting the code " and owner='" + strPfsAid +"'", and renaming to _run_callstatus

Alter the else if statements in function _run_fsc_action, adding to the bottom:

    else if(strChartAction=="callstatus")

To fix the counts on the Active Call Response Target report Supportworks Server\html\clisupp\swtoday\itsm\content\charts\fc_request_response_time.php appending " and (slaresp is null or slaresp=0)" to the third parameter for all of the calls to add_status_graph_xml_entry at the bottom of the file.

For example change:

add_status_graph_xml_entry("Breached", $intBreached, "respondbyx<".$dtNow." and respondbyx>0 and logdatex > ".$intThreeMonths."", "FF0000", $strCallClasses);


add_status_graph_xml_entry("Breached", $intBreached, "respondbyx<".$dtNow." and respondbyx>0 and logdatex > ".$intThreeMonths." and (slaresp is null or slaresp=0) ", "FF0000", $strCallClasses);

Alter the file Supportworks Server\html\clisupp\swtoday\itsm\content\charts\fc_my_service_requests_status.php:


if($intValue>0)$strXML="<set name='".$strName."' value='".$intValue."' color='".$strColor."' link=\"javascript:_run_fsc_action('callstatus','".$intStatusValue."','".pfs($GLOBALS['analystid'])."',100)\"/>";


if($intValue>0)$strXML="<set name='".$strName."' value='".$intValue."' color='".$strColor."' link=\"javascript:_run_fsc_action('callstatus','".$intStatusValue."',100)\"/>";

F0095800 – Social media "sign in with Twitter"

As the administrative functions should only be available within the full client, we need to prevent the "sign in with Twitter" function from being accessed from the webclient.

To do this we make a change to: Supportworks Server/html/clisupp/socialmedia/social_index_helpers.php

Alter the start of the function showSWTab , to add a reference to the Web Client, so that it reads:

  //-- DJH - Access function to determine whether to show specific tabs
    function showSWTab($tabid)
    {        include_once("itsm/portal/ClassDatabaseAccess.php");
            //-- Show tab if analyst is an administrator and we are not in the webclient
            return (analystIsAdmin() && (gv('_webclient')!=1));