How to retrieve the Third Party Contract from the Pick Analyst dialog

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Status: Published
Version: 1.0
Authors: Hornbill Support
Applies to: Supportworks 7.6.x


The AssignCallPropertySheet class provides the interface needed to prompt for the user to select an analyst or group. This class represents the same dialog as the one displayed when you PickAnalystDialog, with addition to be able to select and retrieve the Third party SLA details.


Property Type Description
groupid String Group ID
analystid String Analyst ID
tpcontract String Third Party Contract ID


Methods Description
Open() Invoke to display the analyst/group dialog from which the user can pick/select an analyst, group or third party contract.


var analDialog = new AssignCallPropertySheet();

analDialog.Open(); // Opens the Pick Analyst dialog, and returns the information

analDialog.Open("Pick an Assignee"); // Add an optional Dialog Title

alert("Group : " + analDialog.groupid + "\nAnalyst : " + analDialog.repid + (analDialog.tpcontract != "" ? "Third Party SLA : " + analDialog.tpcontract : "")); </scode>