FAQ:How to configure CTI (Computer Telephone Integration)

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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), as incorporated into Supportworks, allows analysts to manage telephone communications with various parties associated with the team's support function. These parties might include customers, manufacturers and/or suppliers. An incoming telephone call to an analyst's CTI handset would be able to trigger a Customer-database look-up resulting in the caller's details being displayed in the on-screen CTI Monitor. The analyst could then pick up the call and/or initiate the logging of the call from the monitor. Supportworks CTI also allows an analyst to dial out to a party whose contact details are being displayed on a form or on an active page, assuming that a suitable button has been designed into that form or a suitable link has been created on that page.

Configuration (which includes enabling) of CTI is done from the Supportworks client and is applied on a per-workstation basis.

In order to configure CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) please carry out the following:

From a Supportworks Windows Client

  • 1..From the Tools menu in the client select Options and Settings.
  • 2..Select the Settings tab. From here there is a check box to enable CTI and specify the CTI device to use.

If there are CTI devices on your network they should be selectable from the Device drop down list. There is therefore no need to manually enter any login credentials.

The devices also need to be TAPI 2.1 compliant.