How to Delete all Supportworks ITSM Call Data

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Status: Published
Version: 1.1
Authors: Hornbill Support
Applies to: Supportworks ITSM 2.x and above

The following describes how to remove all Call-related data from within Supportworks ITSM (for ITSM Enterprise 2.x versions and above).

Please Note

  • A backup of the system is advised before following these instructions.
  • These instructions will not remove any mail related data.
  • If your system has been customised to create additional tables which contain call related data; these tables will also need to be cleared down in addition to the ones listed below. The names of these additional tables may contain either _oc_ or _opencall_.
  • Errors indicating that a table does not exist can be ignored.

  1. Launch the Supportworks Server Configuration Program, via Start > Programs > Supportworks Server > Supportworks Server Configuration.
  2. On the Server Tab, stop the SwServerService process.
  3. Launch the Supportworks Interactive SQL Program, via Start > Programs > Hornbill Core Services > Interactive SQL) (Or a Query tool of choice if you're using a database other than that provided by Supportworks)
  4. Enter the following statements: (Note: a WHERE clause should be used if you do not wish to DELETE ALL current call data)
    Application Database
    use swdata;
    delete from opencall;
    delete from updatedb;
    delete from calltasks;
    delete from swissues;
    delete from itsm_opencall_problem;
    delete from itsm_opencall_rfc;
    delete from cmn_rel_opencall_aba;
    delete from cmn_rel_opencall_ci;
    delete from cmn_rel_opencall_ila;
    delete from cmn_rel_opencall_kb;
    delete from cmn_rel_opencall_oc;
    delete from cmn_rel_opencall_rakb;
    delete from bpm_oc_auth;
    delete from bpm_oc_hist;
    delete from bpm_oc_stage;
    delete from bpm_oc_task;
    delete from call_activity;
    delete from tpperformance
    delete from extoc_cfh
    delete from extoc_newequip
    delete from extoc_newstarter
    delete from ila_oc_hist;
    delete from itsm_oc_uri;
    delete from itsm_oc_wiz;
    delete from oc_audit;
    delete from onhold_oc_notifiers;
    delete from swkb_feedback;
    delete from userdb_rating;
    update swkb_articles set callref = null; this will leave the knowledgebase article but remove the link to a call
    Knowledgebase Database
    Use sw_knowledgebase;
    delete from kbunpubcalls;
    update kbdocuments set callref = null; this will leave the knowledgebase article but remove the link to a call
    System Database
    Use sw_systemdb;
    delete from opencall;
    delete from updatedb;
    delete from opencall_sla_evts;
    delete from opencall_sla;
    delete from opencall_sla_exc;
    delete from opencall_sla_hold;
    delete from updatedb_call_index;
    delete from wc_calltasks;
    delete from watchcalls;
    delete from system_cfastore;
  5. Enter the following statements to reset the call reference counters and close the interactive SQL Window:
    Use sw_systemdb;
    Update system_counters set count=1 where name=’nextcallreference’;
  6. Delete all the sub-folders and files in the following location on the Supportworks Server. This folder contains Call File Attachments
    C: /Program Files/Hornbill/Supportworks Server/Data/_cfastore/*.*
    (Where "C: /Program Files/Hornbill/" is the default installation folder)
  7. In the Supportworks Server Configuration Program, start the SwServerService process, and check that all test data has been removed.