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This Release Notification covers the release of the following products

This release delivers the following three objectives:

  1. Upgrade and enable the future upgrade of the elements within Core Services; Apache, PHP and MariaDB, which replaces the previous MySQL
  2. Enable the continued provision of the WebClient across different browsers following the deprecation of key functionality in frequently used browsers
  3. Provide Side-by-Side Application installation from this version onwards

The Side-by-Side application installation allows a newer version of the application to be installed alongside a previous version of the application above ITSM Enterprise v4.0; hence enabling evaluation of the new features while accessing your existing data.

Another feature in Supportworks ESP v8.0 makes it possible to customise the appearance of the Satisfaction Surveys. This is ahead of further planned enhancements to this module.

There are also a combined count of over 90 defect fixes within Supportworks ESP and ITSM Enterprise.

It is important to note that a conventional upgrade is  not possible  with this version. However there is a migration path to Supportworks ESP v8.0. This option should be indicated to the Care Team in the first instance.

Please contact the Care Team at [email protected] if you would like to install Supportworks ESP v8.0