Defining Predecessor Tasks

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Most of the documentation about Tasks is found on

There is some mention of Predecessor tasks on

With standard tasks, once the task is created it will be displayed on the tasks list but with predecessor tasks, the behavior is slightly different. If for example you have a Change Request and there a number of tasks and predecessor tasks involved in accomplishing the Change Request, when you first create the Tasks they will show against the Tasks list but if there are predecessor tasks, they will be hidden. This behaviour is correct because predecessor tasks must be completed first before the actual task is displayed.

If you first create a Task without a predecessor, which then means it is not dependent on any other task, is displays on the Tasks list. But if you create a second task, which has the First task as its predecessor, the second task can not display until the First task is complete. Otherwise someone would select the second task and complete it before the first task is completed which would be wrong.