Migrating Supportworks Data from One Database Server to Another

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Status: Published
Version: 1.0
Authors: HTL QA
Applies to: Supportworks Version 7.5.0 onwards

How to repair all system tables


  1. Stop all the Supportworks and related services via Supportworks server configuration tool
  2. Stop the SwSqlServer service:
    Using (Control panel->Administrative tools->Services
  3. Back-up the files from the following location:
    <<ServerInstallPath>>\Core Services\swsqlserver\data\ (Where <<ServerInstallPath>> is the default installation folder)
  4. Start the SwSqlServer service

Install Script

  1. Ensure you have received the following .zip: swrepairall.zip
  2. Unzip the script file to the following location:
    <<ServerInstallPath>>\Core Services\swhttpserver\bin\ (Where <<ServerInstallPath>> is the default installation folder)

Configure ODBC connectivity

  1. Open the MS Windows ODBC32 Setup
  2. Choose System DSN
  3. Click New
  4. Choose the Supportworks SQL driver
  5. Enter the Following:
    Data Source Name - Supportworks Messagestore
    Host = IP Address of the SupprotWorks Server
    Database Name = sw_messagestore
    User = root
    Password =
    Port = 5002
  6. Test Data Source

Executing the Script

  1. From the Start Window open a command window (cmd.exe)
  2. Enter the following statements:
    1. cd <<ServerIntsallPath>>\Core Services\swhttpserver\bin\
    2. php.exe < swrepairall.php

Once completed all tables will be free from error and you can restart all the remaining services via the Supportworks server configuration tool