Unable to start SwHTTPServer following an upgrade to Supportworks 7.6.2

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In order to be able to run the SwHttpServer service (specifically, its php4apache2 module), the Microsoft Windows run-time "side-by-side" executable MSVCR80.dll is required.

Therefore install the dll file Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) from


After carrying out the above the SwHTTPserver service should start up. However if when accessing http://localhost to ensure the installation was successful you encounter a page where the php code is showing this indicates that the php4apache2 is not being accessed correctly. The server is a 32-bit server as opposed to a 64-bit server. You will then need to install Core Services 3.1.2.

The last step would be the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) and the SwHTTPserver service should start without issues and http://localhost will display correctly.

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