Moving SwSQL Databases to another drive

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Status: Published
Version: 1.0
Authors: HTL QA
Applies to: Core Services Version 3.1.x

Moving SwSQL Databases to another drive

By default the SwSQL database server configures the drive where all databases are stored to be on the same drive as the installation path. However in an environment where there is heavy use of the server this configuration can be highly inefficient. It is good practice to locate the databases on a drive other than that of the OS and other applications this will help to alleviate contention with disk read / writes.

This document first takes you through the steps required to change the path where the SwSQL server will locate database and how to move the databases to configured location

Changing the default location for SwSQL database files

  1. On the new drive location create a folder to locate the database files (i.e. Z:\SwSQL\data)
  2. Stop the SwSqlServer service and all the Supportworks Services
  3. Copy all files and folders from the current path: <cs-install-path>\SwSqlServer\data to the new path (i.e. Z:\SwSQL\data)
  4. Open the SwSQL.ini file located: <cs-install-path>\SwSqlServer\bin\swsql.ini
  5. Modify the line "datadir = C:/Program Files (x86)/Hornbill/Core Services/SwSqlServer/data" to "datadir = Z:\SwSQL\data"
  6. Start the SwSQLServer service and All the Supportworks Services

  1. Restart the SwHttpServer service
  2. Once the server is up and running and the data is intact then remove original data folder

Note: You should also consider changing the path of the temporary file location to another location, however the location should be not the same as the data dir: tmpdir = C:/Program Files (x86)/Hornbill/Core Services//SwSqlServer/temp

If you require any further information or assistance in relation to the procedures above, please feel free to contact the Support Team.

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