How to check the Supportworks Versions

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There are several ways to check what Versions of Supportworks you are using.

From the Client:

For the Platform: Go to Help > About Supportworks - Here you will see the Server Build & Client Build information

For the Application version (Data Dictionary): Go to Administration > Edit Current Data Dictionary > Expand Global Parameters > Highlight Application Settings. The Version information is present on the right hand side of the screen.

From the Server:

The information can be obtained by either of the following:

  • 1. Bring up browser, in the address bar type localhost press return - This will display Platform, Application & Core Services information
  • 2. In the log directory (...\Program Files\Hornbill\Supportworks Server\Log) there is a file name Support_info.xml. This contains all the version information

Another method to check which users are using which data dictionary

From a Supportworks client Go to Administration > Server Status\Diagnostics Information.

Initially you will see the server statistics, scroll down, there is a section called Active Sessions. This will show you the Analyst name and the Current Data Dictionary they are using at the time the system diagnostics were generated.

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